SARA: And what’s more, it’s sliced!

Chris Weagel

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  • always astonishing,
    where i go
    i’m homeless
    i buy bread
    as is
    out of a bag,
    i keep orgainic
    coffee beans in a bucket
    that in theory
    holds 6-9 beer bottles
    and ice…
    but i have a fridge for my pints
    i ramble
    i’m gonna put toast with jam in my mmouth now


  • Wow, you made this today? Im probably the first person to hear about bread. Very Informative.

  • Ahhhh, Now I can continue on with life – as I have been fed the ‘bread of life’, ie. my Sara fix!
    Interesting/enjoyable choice of backround music, didn’t know you were so talented!

  • E-mail didn’t go through:

    Since I saw the video of your stolen money, I’ve been wanting to
    donate. But, I thought we could make something interesting of it. Ie:
    you take a request and make a video I suggest -> I donate.

    I’ve been pondering what kind of video to request. And the bread video
    made me decide. I like bananas. If you make a video about/with
    bananas, I will donate.


  • Yes, Sara, i have a question about bread.

    is it true that bread is what people eat when they are eating bread? And if so, why isn’t it something else?

    Thank you.

  • Bread, part II. Coming soon??

    Sounding selfish I know, but you’ve got me all excited and worked up and I’m not fulfilled yet. There is so much more to accomplish.

    What else can I do with bread. Who are it’s friends? Are there relativies – rolls and biscuts? Can I make a loaf of bread by myself? Or is a specialty in baking required? Does it have needs, other than not being stored in bucket and refusing to be stuffed in a shoe?

    What makes a loaf of bread happy?

  • I love bread! I love this post! I laughed out loud. It was great!
    And what’s wrong with keeping bread in a bucket????

  • I prefer bread as a singing group. Most loaves of bread are just air, you can literally crush it together like an accordian and there will be hardly nothing left.

    As for myself I will have to start creating more videos like this, videos that require little or no thought, most of the stuff I create is too profound, and people get scared off.

  • What bothered me about this video was the pair of sneaky infiltrating bananas in the bakground. Something just ain’t right about them.

  • Bread tastes good with Jam.
    Really crunchy (sometimes, any waw.:()
    And bread, bread, and more bread….
    Don’t eat my bread. 🙂