SARA: oh what tomorrow will bring!

SARA: oh what tomorrow will bring!

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  • Don’t worry, someday this will happen to us all. Those hardworking russian, chinese, and indian hackers have to get paid somehow! Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair for so many companies to use them for technical support, telemarketing, and a cheap source of labor for software development. I donated to you, so don’t let your brother charge you any fees for handling the money. Now all you need is 99 more people to help out.

  • That was obviously your credit unions fault. They should have called you first before allowing those out of the country transactions, to clear. They should have been suspicious

    I know my credit union called me one time when I was buying something from Australia, they wouldn’t allow the transaction to clear, without first getting the official “go ahead” from me, first.

    And of course your credit union should reemburse you for that money you lost, I would think.

  • Sara, the same thing happened to me with my bank debit card in July of 2004. Were the withdrawals from a Latvian ATM, or from Lithuania?

    Anyway, the only difference in my situation is that after investigating the situation my bank fully credited me for the money the thief withdrew. Won’t your Credit Union do that?

    It does suck. You really feel invaded, eh? . . . violated even. That’s how I felt.

    I’ll donate a few bones to your cause just in case your credit union doesn’t insure your funds against theft LIKE THEY’RE SUPPOSE TO! If they don’t, well, then they’re a crappy credit union.

  • Yeah, that sucks. We have had this type of thing happen a couple times. The whole thing is a nightmare, but luckily we got our money back both times after a while.

    And one time, in the very same town we lived in, I tried to buy a camera ($250) with a new credit card and it was declined. We tried swiping it again and it was declined. So there I was, looking like a deadbeat. We called the bank and they said that buying things at that store did not match our typical purchasing history. Of course it didn’t – it was a new card. There was no buying history.

    The banks screw up now and then but you should come out all right in the end.

  • Hey, what ever happened with this? Did the bank give your money back? I think they have to. If your debit card has a Visa logo, they definitely have to. If it’s just a straight up ATM card, then I guess it depends on your bank’s rules, but if they don’t they suck ass and need to get with the program.