SARA: Just a quick message to all my video-blogging friends!

SARA: Just a quick message to all my video-blogging friends!

Chris Weagel

Chris Weagel writes about the intersection of technology and parenting for Wired Magazine. No he doesn't. He can't stand that shit.

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  • well, sara weagel, you didn’t meet *all* of your videoblogging friends now did you! 😉

    glad you enjoyed it, sounds like a blast.

  • Yeah, and I remember when we drove from Michigan to California and while at the first truck stop we got locked in that old lady’s trunk. That was great!

  • It’s good to see Sara Corner again. That intro puts a smile on my face every time. It’s still not been surpased. Best intro evar. 🙂

    I started out thinking I missed Sara at vloggercon, but she had the authentic stories and the shirt to prove she was there. So very convincing. How could I have missed her?

    … I asked myself that for 30 seconds or so and then when she mentioned meeting me the jig was up. I may have met easily 250 people, maybe as many as 400, but I would have remembered meeting Sara.

    Even with the late night conversations and all the faces… all in 3-4 days, even with the lack of sleep, there was no mistaking it, these were the words of Chris Weagel through the mind of Sara Weagel.

    Once again I must point out how much I love the fantastically creative sense of humor… I don’t know how many other people will catch it, how many people get or appreciate it, but there’s nothing I love more than popping open my video aggregator and watching videos like this. It’s like getting a really good email from a friend, but somehow it creates ininite more endorphins. Perhaps it’s just the shock of seeing someone you know after a lifetime of TV… but somewhere in there lies the secrete essence of video blogging. Figure that out, put a human dog stamp on it and the future is yours. 🙂

    So, feel free to delete all or part of this my rambling comment if you feel I’m giving up the gig.

    I’ll forgive you, just as long as I get a first release of American King. Please tell me that you’re going to put out some initial teaser clips, some more choice cuts, or will be releasing bits hear and there on your vlog… and do another round of fund raising… it closed so fast I missed my opp to donate last time. I jumped the gun and they were working out some kinks in the ccard processing when I first went through. ;( Excuses excuses right?

  • Your so cool!

    But such a Liar!

    We can start a circle of those who did not go to Vloggercon.

    And that will be cool too.

    Cheaper too

  • You were at vloggercon?1 and I didn’t get to meet you?! What a jip. My wife was particularly bumbed out when she found this ou.

    But I do know that you weren’t lieing and you were there because your description of Michael Verdi was definately accurate and I, in fact, had the same problem with him trying to sit on my shoulder, which would have been ok, but he kept trying to whisper stuff into my ear while I was trying to listen.

    Love your work and maybe I can meet you next time.

  • I had fun at vloggercon too, it was nice meeting you. Funny how I don’t remember anything else about vloggercon though.

  • wow! mr verdi links to you now. i found you somewhere else originally. you had 2 videos on some site (maybe this one?) with a black background. i remembered that you were close to me. i found michael verdis site later on. its funny how everything is connected. i’m saint clair shores and madison heights. you need a basic info page :). thats cool that you got to meet all those great vloggers.

  • Verdi just kept buzzing around my head like I was a gd bug light or something. Finally I think I trapped him in the community videoblogging session and I didn’t see him after that.

    The weird thing is he had a purple afro and was about 11 feet tall.

    Maybe it was the absinthe. It was a very Edgar Allen Poe weekend.

  • When I met Michael Verdi, he didn’t say “hello”. He said, “Did you get a haircut?” It was kinda creepy, but meeting you totally wasn’t. My favorite moment was when you told me off in the middle of the digital divide panel. You rock, Sara.

  • very very good and nice and wonderfull

    and good

    and neat

    and a+ responce.

    It was great, ALOT!!!

    do you teach kids? you sound like you teach kids.