SARA: Raymond is a little boy who lives in Norway. The confusion you will experience watching this video is what he feels every day.

SARA: Raymond is a little boy who lives in Norway. The confusion you will experience watching this video is what he feels every day.

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Chris Weagel writes about the intersection of technology and parenting for Wired Magazine. No he doesn't. He can't stand that shit.

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  • Dette var utrolig morsomt, Sara! Jeg håper at du lærer deg mer norsk – og da må du ikke bare trene deg i å lese og forstå norsk, men du må også se norske filmer. Ja, masse norske filmer! Trine kan kanskje hjelpe deg også? Ja, vi er mange nordmenn som skal hjelpe en stakkars amerikaner å snakke norsk! 🙂

    Stå på! Dette klarer du!

    Igjen: Utrolig morsomt. Takk!

  • Hvilke norske film er værd at se? Jeg troede slet ikke der blev lavet film i Norge? Importerer Norge ikke også bare danske tv-serier i stedet for at lave deres eget?

  • så moro dette var da!! 🙂

    that was excellent sara, are you really going to Norway? that’s so cool! the video kinda made sense to me, though i am not sure why you’d bother with the telephone book, we’ve got the internet in norway as well (just…) 😉

    ha det bra sa lenge, og stå på!

  • Ahh Ha!
    So you can see without glasses! That’s okay, it was a good prop with the bread…
    ?Are you eventually going to let us dumbies in on what you said and translate?

  • Thank you for all the comments everyone!

    To you Norwegian commentors:

    I said I’d learn your backwards language in 3 months, not the next day! Help me out, please translate for a dumb American girl.


  • 3 months… okay okay. You should learn Danish first – Norwegian is simply Danish spelled wrongly.

    Raymond said:
    This was incredibly funny, Sara! I hope that you will learn more Norwegian – and then you must not just train yourself in reading and understanding Norwegians, but you must also watch Norwegian movies. Yes, plenty of Norwegian movies! Trine might be able to help you also? Yes, we are many Norwegians who will help a poor American learn Norwegian.

    Keep going! This you can do!

    Again: Incredibly funny. Thank you!

    Andreas said (in Danish):
    Which Norwegian movies are worth watching? I didn’t even think movies were made in Norway? Don’t Norway just import Danish tv shows instead of making their own?

    Trine’s first line was: This was so much fun!

    Regards from the Scandinavian Translation Association. You will recieve an invoice shortly.

  • Sammi and Mom just watched this video again. She thinks the cat part is just about purfect and wants to know when she will be in another video. She says she has mastered Norwegian and is ready to tackle another language.

  • I close my eyes and it feels like Raymond is RIGHT THERE WITH ME.

    Which is scary, since Raymond can give me the creeps when he calls in the middle of the night.