We begin with Garrett’s 20th Birthday.

We begin with Garrett’s 20th Birthday.

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  • I like when he says, “One word” Garrett”…and the cheering can be heard from the nearby ballgame. And yes, you do need to be organized to kill a President.

  • I can’t believe no one’s commented about Garrett’s obvious paranoia or the thing about being married and having a kid. Assuming that’s even true. I don’t have comments as much as I have questions about all of this. I feel a real need to go to talk everyone about their American dream now. Including you.

  • Already in this first episode we are presented with a young person full of internal conflicts. Hearing him talking about The American Dream is a classic, as well as the “Garrett … Success” phrase. Together with the thesis (first post), we know that we the coming tuesdays will be spellbound and horrified. Garrett is an archetype, and this series is a great testament to this archetype. GL has always been one of my favourite Human-Dog characters, and it is great that he gets his time in the limelight now.