Garrett with a memorable story about drinking and driving.

Garrett with a memorable story about drinking and driving.

Chris Weagel

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  • Yeah, this is one of those stories from Garrett that just makes me MAD. Really mad. And helpless. Sigh.

  • Get your head out of your ass, kid. I hope that you have learned something from this. Don’t feel bad because he was parked in the street between 3-5 am?? You got lucky this time…everyone’s luck runs out eventually. When will your’s???

  • Strange story indeed. I’ve had my own truck hit four or five times when it was parked. Never put a dent into it myself. This just shows that there is really very little “justice” in the world.

  • Saw a clowny PT cruiser north of Dtown on southbound I-75 with a human-dog bumpersticker. Why?

  • this dude could be a great actor, i know this is for real but this guy reminds me of john c reilly (boogie nights) but better looking…..john c reilly looks like shit, don’t drink and drive dude dangerous, I did it in my youth and fell asleep on 17 meat pies I bought from a drive in called “georgie pie” I burnt my face, I was parked at the time…….in a ditch….sleeping on a hot meat pie pillow…17 pies, woke up meat all over my face, i looked down and I’d shit my pants also, the prostitute next to me didn’t know how she got shit on her face, nor did I, also couldn’t remember if I paid her so i paid her again.
    don’t drink and drive