Let’s review the Pros and Cons of Amusement Park management:

  • PRO: You’re in charge of an amusement park
  • CON: Your employees are certain to hate you, including those skilled at throwing knives
  • PRO: You choose which cartoon animal best represents the way new rides make your gut feel
  • CON: You’re ultimately responsible for emptying the lost children pen
  • PRO: You get to try on all newly acquired mascot costumes in the privacy of your mobile home
  • CON: Convincing the local Indian tribe your porta-john corral honors their burial grounds
  • PRO: You’re trusted with the cotton candy recipe
  • CON: You get paid in ferris wheel rides
  • PRO: The bearded lady looks past your facial scars
  • CON: You’re in charge of an amusement park

Chris Weagel

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