During the course of taping American King, Garrett demanded his own interview series, Life Interviews. In the first session, he talked with his best friend Chris Zin.

The Life Interviews will be occasionally posted here, unedited.
This video runs about 8 minutes.

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  • This seems to alternate between awkward and genuinely funny. The uncomfortableness/forcedness of the whole thing really comes across, exactly because there was no editing. I think it works well.

  • I love the current faced-pace output of American King material. This was a treat. Zin’s facial expressions are great. I am gonna call Zin when I get back to Michigan.

  • haha, does zin ever smile? i can’t tell if he’s just stiff in front of the camera or if he’s just like that all the time. good times. i love garrett!

  • This interview is great for getting to know garrett as he interacts with one of his friends. I know American King is not about Chris Zin, but it would be nice if he didn’t appear so flat, because i’d he’s not really like this behind the scenes as he interacts with garrett. The shuffling of question-cards becomes a bit distracting, but may add to his character, I can’t decide- just something to think about.

  • Interesting consept, where the interviewie is the one asking questions to about himself to the interviewer. At least i think thats how it worked.

  • I’ve watched this interview many times before tonight, but tonight I noticed something I never had before. At the moment that Chris is talking about Garrett burning the plastic, I thought that when Garrett says, “Christopher…”, I thought that was Chris speaking as Garrett, telling the story. It blew my mind that Chris could do such a good impression of Garrett. I watched it like 3 times tonight. Then I watched it again and realized that that was actually Garrett interupting. I was disappointed to say the least. Can Chris do a good impersonation of Garrett? I’m curious.

  • I don’t find Chris Zin flat. I find him deadpan. He’s the straight man and he does it well. To the observer, this seems like an unlikely friendship and that makes the interaction between them interesting to watch and ponder. It’s interesting to me to think about what each of these guys gets out of the friendship, given their apparent differences. Garrett seems to represent chaos and Chris, order. I have enjoyed all of Chris Zin’s appearances in AK. He has an interesting perspective and he’s actually quite comedic.