Garrett gets kicked out.

Due to events neither can recall, Garrett was kicked out of his parents’ house and lived with Chris Zin and family for four months.

He currently shares a basement bedroom with his sister Haley.

Chris Weagel

Chris Weagel writes about the intersection of technology and parenting for Wired Magazine. No he doesn't. He can't stand that shit.

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  • Ahh, a man down to a suit and porn, oh and a collection of piss bottles. Sleeping in the drop box is the most brilliant scheme since Gary Coleman sleeping in lockers at the train station. I find all of this very amusing but then I think about having Gary Lambert down in my basement or being my son and it’s not so good. It’s like Garret has invented this character to avoid his real situation. I don’t know. Capturing this all on video further complicates reality. Fascinating. Hope it all works out for the guy.

  • so…many…pee bottles…i’m glad the horrors of the abandoned bathroom remain a mystery. the twisted truth will never be told, and will instead become legend in the minds of the people…

  • “she’d wake up and I’d be staring at her, but still, she’d go back to sleep after she screamed…”

    Pure gold. We’ve all done it… right?

  • Ingenious parallelism. To be honest, I lost a little respect for garrett, it is the first time i have seen him so disrespectful, vile really. The average viewer, in my opinion, will empathize with the Zins.

  • “OVER FORTY???!!” awesome. I don’t empathize with the Zins at all.

    well okay, a bit.

  • Really, who would want to live with Garrett? It’s disturbing to think what else he is capable of doing to your home and loved ones.

  • great editing and storytelling and camera work
    as usual.
    man, i love this series
    one the great portraits in the age of the internets