Shock Me!

Next Week: V washes his face with gasoline.

Chris Weagel

Chris Weagel writes about the intersection of technology and parenting for Wired Magazine. No he doesn't. He can't stand that shit.

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  • not bad. not bad at all.
    Via Wikipedia:
    “Jack Haley born on August 10, 1898 in Boston, Massachusetts, was an American film actor best known for his portrayal of “The Tin Man” (and farmworker “Hickory”) in The Wizard of Oz, which role he got only because actor Buddy Ebsen had a near-fatal allergic reaction to the aluminum dust used in the tin costume.”

  • There are times when I wished I lived
    closer to the center of action of Human Dog…
    Hanging out in the basement with friends,
    putting make-up on, making some videos…
    but those times are few and far between
    …cause you live in Detroit/Midwest.