SARA: Here is me playing soccer.

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  • That was good. You look talented, do you play in school, I’m guessing?

    I was playing in a men’s league. Which is fun. Watching older college guys try so hard and not be able to do anything against my defending. Sad, now, I won’t be able to play for a while.

  • Nice little funk track you had going there, Sara. You might make it as a one-person band after all.

    I love watching soccer. Mostly because I am fat and lazy and soccer is way too much work to actually play. And you end up sweating, which I can’t be bothered with.

    Nice playing!

  • Well, you may think that is strange, I’m from Italy and I hate soccer, but the video it’s funny, well edited and I also think that you may have some good chances here.
    Nice music too

  • Wow, that was amazing. so well put together. Quick, never a dull moment, 100% fun… and if i understand correctly not a single thing that wasn’t created by you… intro’s, the out, great editing, even music. I’m thinking you’re going to have your own show one day, but then you already have one!

    BTW, I can tell you’re pretty talented there with soccer. I forget how old you are. Are you playing on the college level? I had a brother play in college.



  • Yeah garage band was my tool for the music. It really did take a long time though! Thank you for the nice comments everyone!!

  • ok seriously…stop it. stop making good videos, stop being good at soccer, stop being funny, if you keep this up you are going to monopolize skill.

  • hey girlie, you are multi talented freak – in the theatre we call it La Triple Threat – typically this means singing dancing and acting, but nobody can really do all three of those things well. However, you are a damn fine editor, you rock the rock and kick some balls pretty good, too! So, that’s three things right there. So I’m wondering how come nobody wants to play with you?

  • crap, you’re funny. sick tan. AND you are making want to get out and run. I’m going to do that tomorrow. too bad I suck at soccer. nice with the music. how are you doing that? garage band? what? what.

  • Goddamned music is right. Nice beats.
    I gotta get this “garageband” thingy.
    Garage bands in general have disappointed me.
    Hopefully this one doesn’t smoke so much pot.

  • The best one yet! Wait… hey… no Pelรฉ bicycle kick? Shame!-shame!… no… ummm… Good soccer player! Yea! That’s right!

    “Praise be to Allah!” ~ M. Tyson

  • Howdy Sara! This is Liz calling. Great videos! I love them! I’m going to come over this weekend and eat all of your food.

  • What a great post! Love the iPod Shuffle.

    I like the music, too! The trumpet/brass sting sounds familiar… did you get that from Might you remember the name?

  • Hey girl,
    Your soccer skills are amazing!
    I like this video. It not only encourages people to do exercise, but to actually master the sport.
    I don’t know what else you are good at, but this soccer skills shows that you’re some kind of modern renaissance person.
    Chido (Cool)


  • What’s the song at the end of the video (moody guitar thing)? It’s familiar, but I can’t place it…

  • I don’t know how the hell I just found your blog, but I’m sure glad I did. You’re f**king hilarious! I loved “Nobody better be watchin’ me!” Only downer is you gotta ditch that Shuffle for a Nano : )