This morning is a good morning.

I know it is so because upon looking out the window, my first sight was a long, healthy line at the Pancake Man’s cart. And the majority of those in line had brought their own plates and silvers.

In these trying times, we as a community need to support our local businesses. Three separate cart vendors (two pineapple and one live snake) have gone under or been chased violently out of the county over the last year. Theirs is a noble art and necessary business.

The fact that our community still embraces Pancake Man Jamison, despite the griddle fire that resulted in over 40% of his upper body being replaced with metal robot parts, tells you everything about the charitable character of our fair town.

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  1. Maddie 08/09/11 at 9:58 am #

    I’m going to take this opportunity to recommend a small business that needs supporting: Our Local Poultry Painter. At Our Local, they take good care of any and all poultry painting needs. If you require your turkey painted for the annual Turkey Watching Festival, they can handle it. If you want your ducks painted for your daughter’s birthday party, they’ve got it covered!

    Be sure to stop by soon!

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