emboldened past participle, past tense of em·bold·en (Verb)
1. Give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something or to behave
in a certain way.
2. Cause (a piece of text) to appear in a bold typeface

I love the phrase “emboldened” and it’s usage in American political culture. I never hear it in day to day life, though, only in Official Reports on The State of Things.

Like, “Sammy’s foot resting on a new sewer grate emboldened him to pee down his leg.” Or “All this talk of an A-Team marathon emboldened me to eat another batch of Eggos instead of reading to the foster kids.”

And either of the definitions is great.

Emboldened goes well with my other favorite horseshit term, mulling. As in, “I’m seriously mulling violating all rules of decorum and buttering both sides of these Eggos.”

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