Jon Yono takes us through his 4th of July ritual.

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  • OK at first this guy was an interesting character, but now he’s just getting really annoying. I know this is a cliche statement, but really, if you hate this country so much, and it’s history, why don’t you leave? You couldn’t save up for a plane ticket? Just go, please. And leave us rebels who like freedom alone.

  • I think maybe Jon would be more appealing (as opposed to annoying) if had more sides to show/more sides of him were shown. What he’s saying isn’t necessarily off base, but I don’t know many rebels or whatever he would consider himself that don’t fight against more than one thing. What else does Jon hate, and what does he do about it?

  • I wish the people in the videos I voluntarily choose to download on the internet would leave me alone! No matter how much I tell them I don’t want to hear what they have to say, when I voluntarily download their next video, there they are again, talking to me! It’s so frustrating when they say things I don’t agree with because I am voluntarily listening when they do that!
    Don’t they know that I’m watching this on my computer for free, and in complete control of what I’m viewing? Shouldn’t they have more consideration for me? If they would please recognize me personally and my discontent with them and become different people, it would make me happy. Cause I’m going to keep downloading and watching them specifically, make no mistake about that–that part is working out just fine. I just want them to be different people–or leave the country–but they could make videos from another country, so they really just need to be different people. I don’t think that’s too much to ask!

  • Jon Yono remains a personal hero of mine. Also in this episode I learned how to properly apply facepaint for my next demonstration and/or football match.
    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate his statements is a terrorist sympathizer and a traitor. God save the king… I mean.. the queen.