Chris reads a story on the destruction of America and gets colon cancer.

I got sick both during and after this video.

Chris Weagel

Chris Weagel writes about the intersection of technology and parenting for Wired Magazine. No he doesn't. He can't stand that shit.

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  • Stop press, stop press. Working a minimum wage job at a large corporation sucks ass. News at 11.

    These jobs have sucked since the industrial revolution. I don’t think it should come as a surprise that they suck at McDonald’s too.

    As for India being a world power… You don’t get to be a world power by filling out hamburger orders – no matter how many you fill out.

  • I read about this a few months ago and had an equally disappointed sentiment. The article I read, however, mentioned nothing about the low wages in the call centers, nor the “red box” A.D.D. tester subjected upon employees. That’s disgusting. Not only is the wage worker the bitch of whatever middle manager made his way to leading the call center, but now they are the victim to a faceless, heartless McPuter tracing their every move, analyzing, strategizing…

    America: Nice while it lasted.

    on a personal note, I have been Mcdonald’s free for over a year. thanks Morgan Spurlock.

  • You know the Roman Empire only lasted 400 or so years. But this didn’t mean the end of plumbing, circuses, and wine. So what did it mean to be Roman? What did it mean to be American yesterday? Use the proper water fountain? Burn your draft card? How about today? Go to buyers club? And what about tomorrow when you wake up?

  • We here at Valuemental believe that the folks at McDonalds can take that job and cram it! Yes, our purpose is to eck out a means of survival…but on our own terms, folks. McDonalds should just give their employees a swift kick in the nuts during their lunch break…just to make sure that they are feeling enough pain, expressing enough emotion…Fuck it…outsource that job at minimum wage and monitor it every other second as well…

    Chuck, the virtual internet representative

  • shit like that is why i just left a corporate job. fuck their bottom lines. they could cut costs by decreasing thier obscene fucking compensation packages.

  • Oddly, I read parts of this aloud to coworkers the day the story came out. I’m glad someone else thought this was as weird as I did.

  • I agree with Mr. Nelson.
    on another note, I am going to use this in my High School class on Wednesday, I will try and get some of the footage on tape.