My contribution to Erik Nelson’s CARP CAVIAR series.

Bottom Union’s Head Man Erik Nelson has allowed me to create this week’s Carp Caviar installment. I don’t know how to explain what Carp Caviar is, but Erik came close when he termed my entry, “a fever dream in video form.”

Watch more Carp Caviar tagged videos:

Directed by: Chris Weagel

Chris Weagel

Chris Weagel writes about the intersection of technology and parenting for Wired Magazine. No he doesn't. He can't stand that shit.

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  • uh, wow.
    dense, biting, funny, personal – video blogs are surpassing tv and movies by the day…

    sorry to reduce your incredible work to technicals, but was this all in Final Cut?

  • You should bottle up bits of your brain and sell it like crack. You’d make a fortune. (and I’m not condoning the use of crack.)

  • Simply breath taking. ILM could not have done it better. A beatiful social commentary on daily trials and tribulations of Billy the Big Mouth Bass.

  • fuck I thought I would be able to get to say something cute about Billy the Big Mouth Bass…

    Be very proud of yo’self.

  • I like the way you said I allowed you…more like jumped for joy.
    This effort has, without a doubt, raised the bar. I am now forced to recommit myself to what I’m busy with, as soon as my technology gets greazed and fixed.

    Also, since he doesn’t leave many comments, I got this in an e-mail from a close friend. He’s a real critic:

    Definitely saw the CC by dog-boy. Very good. I think the intro – the first 40 seconds or so… up to the garden-of-eden animal scene and the talking fish, are GREAT. Eerie and very serious feeling and creative… really nice.

  • Also, forgot to mention…that cut where you zoom in to Nixon wetting his lips with his tongue. QUALITY. This cut will be studied long after you’re gone, college students will write papers on the effect of this cut, and other professorial units will dedicate entire lectures to it. And all of this will take place in an alternate CC reality, where cuts like this become the norm, no longer is it jarring and humorous, but commonplace…the people plug their entertainment into their melon boxes, numbed like a drug.

  • Every now and again something comes along, a wrench in the gears, that makes us pull apart the machinery and reevaluate what we’ve created. In the short history of Video-blogging this seems to happen weekly…Prof. Weagel has left us with a pile of parts to contemplate…and I look forward to what will come out of the reconstruction.

  • You did it again! This clip is brillant! I will tell all my friends about what is happening at Human Dog. Yes! Prof. Weagel a master of his tools!

  • usually i have a bad habit of skipping through videos without watching them all completely… i just made up for all of that via this video, as i can’t stop watching every second of it over and over and over… so wonderful! (even more-so then usual!)

  • ok–well THAT was frickin’ NUTS! I am both totally impressed and utterly unnerved. Delightful, perverse, candy-coated freakorama.

    Mission accomplished.

  • i’m so behind
    i just watched this
    i’m speechless
    so good chris
    so good it makes me SICK
    (for old time sake)
    i know the time it took to make this
    and as you can see we all appreciate and look on in terror and awe
    so damn good.

  • To read these comments one would think you were a spielberg or even a hitchcock – alas, you are just a man who was dropped on his head as a boy. Spielberg fell down a whole flight of stairs as a child and rumors have Hitchcock being pushed down 2 flights….ahhh. On the other hand, you do frame a shot better than most.

  • The death of Rupertus is a sad thing, indeed.

    But at least Nixon didn’t eat him. That would be a fate worse than death– feeding the Beast.

  • A……or B? A…………….. or B? A……………………………. or B?

    Destiny, destiny, destiny, DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Interesting video. I was wondering where you got the archival, including the Nixxon footage. I like the idea of it being surreal and that the audio was recording in stereo.

    Kind of creepy.