He has a TV show named Invasion Earth.

I came across Harvey while on a tour of Manhattan’s Public Access Station by Jay Dedman back in January, and I’ve been wanting to post it for awhile.

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  • peter said this today:

    “I was in the laundrymat, and I had just filled up my video ipod with a
    bunch of movies (plug: the beta mefeedia makes it real easy), so I was
    watching a video of the party at Jakob’s place in nyc a while back at
    vloggercon… but what I wanted to say was: it was a strangely
    emotional experience watcing that in that laundrymat at 129th Street
    in NYC. And all the other people were watching the shows on the
    televisions that were hanging from the ceilings. I really think we’re
    on to something with this video blogging. Watching a video from my own
    past was.. weird. Intense in a way that commercial TV can never be..”

    this has been happening a lot lately
    people are posting backlogged stuff and it’s so weird to think about how things felt just a year ago…

  • what a character … he was great … in fact, I’m pretty sure I was the guy he interviewed that Jay said was crazy