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  • Has anyone at LHS stumbled across these? I imagine there would be some sort of official inquiry if they did.

    They say Gen X and Y will have up to ten different jobs over the course of thier lives, possible spanning mutiple careers. Maybe he needs to move away from it for a while. Or get the fuck out of Public Edu.

  • I feel his pain. I can’t imagine this. Education has to be a two way street. I’m sorry that he lost his zeal for the job.

  • C –

    An official inquiry for someone expressing their opinion and their dissatisfaction? Doubtful. Even if there was one, what purpose would it serve? If they tried to fire me for hating my job they would probably be doing me a favor, but the can’t and won’t.

    As for leaving the profession. I wish I could, but I have a family to worry about and responsiblities. The pay cut to even teach in another district would be too much to take. And, ironically enough, I have integrity and a need to make things right. I desperately want things to improve in this school, but I cannot do it all alone.

  • Poor Haberek. I really feel sorry for him. I was one of his failures a few years ago, but it wasn’t really apathy. My brain + math = not so good. I really sympathise with him. I’ve always liked his sense of humour and personality, but it seems to be wearing thing. A shame.

  • we’re not really seeing the sense of humor or anything positive here… it just seems like a guy who hates his job, dealing with apathetic kids, which makes him hate his job more, and probably makes the kids even more apathetic.

  • I think he’s right, the dumbing down of our nations kids has made public education a joke. Politically Correct elitist mentalities have created the next generation of the downtrodden. On the other hand, there is the culture of work ethic that takes some, who’s parents have chosen to teach their own children instead of pushing everything off on the government schools. These kids, not the ones he speaks of in the video will rule the world.