Lifting this thing is always a struggle. But, I wanted a belt sander in the bedroom so I got a belt sander in the bedroom. I’m doing this with one hand because I don’t want to deal with the switch on the sweeper. It’s got a rubber grip that’s melting or turning into wax or something. I wash my hands enough for this climate. I’d have to stop everything, make an entry in the ledger, wash, dry and get all reoriented. And I won’t lay the nozzle down because it grabs onto me and feels like it’s pulling open my scar.

There’s not a lot of dust behind this thing but there’s enough dust to make things uncomfortable. I’m rocking the whole thing over to the left. Got it up on one foot. Now I can – now I can – Wait a minute! Ok I got the nozzle under there and it’s getting up all that dust. Woooo! It’s normal dust. It’s not from the sander. It just gathers there. I haven’t used it in years. Haven’t had anything to sand! No! And I don’t let the class use it either. They just ask stupid questions. A lot of them have crooked eyes. Must be the mothers in this area. Lot of vanilla extract in their diets.

Oh now, wait. Alright. Alright. Look- it’s- well give me some room. I can’t breathe! I got this thing balanced here. Yes, the hose is choked, it’s blocked up. Let me see- oh! It sucked up a band-aid. Still in the packaging. Oh this is still good. Here go put this in my wallet. I have to get the rest of this dust! Oh these cobwebs!

Ok I’m setting it down. That’s enough. Yes I’ll line it up with the grooves. Yes the indents! Yes! I see them! Alright! It’s because this floor is cork! Oh yes it is!

No I never run it at night. It has this light above the label. Right here! It glows when it’s on. It makes me think there’s an animal in the room.


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