Not as many shopping carts filled with stuffed animals rolling around anymore. You used to see three or four of them drifting by thoughout the day. There would almost always be one stuck up against a tree on the weekend. The DPW would send a man out to free it on Monday.

The carts themselves were usually from auto parts stores. If you got up close you could read the printing on the plastic parts. The metal was always hot to the touch, so nobody got too close. Besides most of them stunk. They had a very strong lake odor. The stuffed animals got soaked by rain and they held that water for weeks.

Probably somebody complained about their effect on property values. I know one lady used to write into the paper with concerns about malaria, but I don’t think anyone took her seriously. My guess is some folks with gloves pushed the carts over to a sewer intake and just dumped them in.

Same thing they did with all the exercise tapes when the video store closed.

Chris Weagel

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