Well the local Tea Party finally got their way. The final act of our town’s Public Works department (before it was dissolved completely itself) was to dismantle the town’s four municipal children’s playgrounds.

All the equipment was ripped out and the sand was sprinkled with ground up glass shards to discourage any kids from returning. All of this follows the recent city council’s resolution to imprison all the volunteer crossing guards and do away with most of the town’s stop signs. “No limits on liberty” is the rallying cry and part of the reason so many of my neighbor have begun acquiring pit bulls and walking around topless.

Anyway, all the playground equipment, gnarled and bent and broken as it is, had to go somewhere. So, of course, it was dumped in a heap in my driveway. I can make out Monkey Bars and Slides and the wrong ends of some Swing Sets. The rest of it looks like a horrible puddle from my nightmares about giant tidal waves of scrap metal.

My fear is a bunch of crows taking up residence under the pile. I guess I’ll put a tarp over it until spring but I’m going to have to find some kind of robot farm to donate it to eventually.

Chris Weagel

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