NIGHTCAP 08/04/11

The Centerline Laundromat vanished today. The whole building, its machines, chairs, windows, pipes, everything disappeared into thin air this afternoon.

People’s spinning, still wet clothing flung out in every direction. Freshly washed, clean socks tumbled onto the dirt as carts disappeared. The one-eyed man who always sleeps near the door fell over and sprained his hip when the soap-machine suddenly wasn’t there to prop him up any more. Turns out the guy speaks only Portuguese.

As of 11:30pm there’s no sign of the building returning and less of an explanation as to why the laundromat disappeared while the tangled-cat factory across the street remained.

Authorities say that people in that part of the city will stink more than usual due to forced wearing of soiled undergarments for at least the next two weeks.


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