NIGHTCAP 08/02/11

Why on earth was I supposed to care about Rep. Gabby Giffords returning to vote yes on the toxic debt deal in the US House of Representatives? That was obviously thrown out there as a feel good distraction from the atrocity being committed through legislation. As though I was stupid enough to just forget all about cuts to medicare and domestic spending and authority being handed to a super-congressional committee because a woman who was shot in the head in January, survived long enough to cast a vote for something that will seriously fuck up my own life.

I’m supposed to feel great about full-blown fascism taking hold due to a collection of utterly worthless peon, racist citizens with a tea obsession who voted en-masse last November to further impoverish themselves and me because it had such a nice Hallmark ending to it?




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  1. Maddie Seidel 08/02/11 at 9:00 pm #

    It sounds like someone forgot to take his happy pills this morning! Just because the country is being run by people who like throwing tea into the ocean instead of drinking it doesn’t mean you can run around calling people nitwits. It’s just in poor taste.

    After all, nitwits are people, too.

  2. Paola 08/03/11 at 4:41 am #

    Gabrielle Giffords presence on the floor of the Congress, and her prior commitments to progressive democratic principles is very symbolic as a glimmer of hope during a time that the Democratic caucus is being held hostage by a faction of powerful right wing neophytes. This same faction who put Congresswoman Gifford’s photograph up on a political website with cross-hairs. (And despite the presented ‘evidence’ that the perpetrator was a lone mentally ill young man and not politically motivated, he none-the-less had the “freedom” to purchase a semi-automatic weapon and was immersed in an environment that tacitly encourages violence). The symbolism, that she is still standing and not defeated, despite the inevitable horror that has transpired, then and now, is very potent. It is not a “feel good moment”. It is a message… you may have shot us in the head with this ordeal, but we will be back. It is a message, I think that is very important to remember. American history if full of examples of political divisiveness, class conflict, and horrible policy decisions. It is also ripe with examples of progressive change for the positive. This conservative trend started in the 1980s with Ronald Reagan’s election and is reaching a climax. The political fulcrum will swing in the other direction. It may take a little time…but then again, the Tea Party’s actions may push the envelope far enough that people will respond sooner than they would otherwise. You remove the bread and circuses, you will get a response from the masses. Let us just hope it isn’t too violent. These days, we see fewer mass protests, and more disenfranchised people who ‘go postal’. There needs to be a recognition that these are not simply isolated crazy lunatics who go off the deep end, but severely disenfranchised people who feel a sense of isolation and hopelessness without escape and cling onto fanatic rhetoric because they find no other receptive voices. (This, of course, is not simply an American phenomenon…there has been scant research done to date on this domestic example of PTSD.)

    (Of course, one hopes that this woman, who still has very significant cognitive deficits, was, in fact, there of her own accord, and understood the significance of her presence on the floor of the House. It is also very interesting that a person, who probably requires 24 hour supervision after a severe head injury is allowed to cast a vote on the floor of the US House of Representatives. That aside, the symbolism, for those who appreciate it, is very potent. This was not a “feel good moment” … except, perhaps for the Murdock masses. It was a message to those of us who feel like we, too, have been placed in the cross-hairs of the more fanatic elements of the legislature)

    Oh… the reason why “fuck-head” is hyphenated, is that fuck, as an adjective, could have a different meaning if it stood alone. The word ‘fuck’, meaning rather crude sexual intercourse, and ‘fuck-head’ meaning an individual who is lacking intellectual insight coupled with crude stupidity. The hyphen is for the purpose of clarity… and provides a much stronger expression than “nitwit” which confers sort of a silly, benign, ignorance. Personally, I think the former word is more appropriate… as I feel that the political motivations of the Tea Party are based more on greed than on ‘personal responsibility’ (which they show little of).

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