“The Snow Globe business is ripe for reinvention”

That’s the first thing I saw this morning. Scrawled across the ceiling of my chamber. It was written in permanent marker, so the author was obviously serious in their warning.

I admit I have been a been wayward in my stewardship of the family snow globe concern. It’s one of those machines you just wind up and let run on its own.

Seems not.

A quick online search reveals custom globes, leather globes, globes that are cubed instead of round. Each one taking a bite of my sales. Nothing immediately alarming, but leaving these threats unanswered could lead to bulk dollar store sales or worse.

That settles it.

Today I get personally re-involved with
the Snow Globe business that bears my name.

I’m going to have to start filling them by hand again, and with my own fluids. Total commitment.

I’ll also be on hand in the artists’ studios to ensure their little sculptures are a true likeness of their Pro-Wrestling counterpart.

In the end I’ll never know who wrote that message above my bed. Nor will I understand what compelled old Uncle Walter to involve himself in the Snow Globe trade – another Weagel family business in an industry otherwise controlled by elves.

What I will know, though, when my head hits the pillow tonight, is that Weagel Family Snow Globes (marketed under the name CAIN FAMILY COLLECTIBLES in the south) will once again be the finest name in Snow Globe and tourist-related memorabilia available.


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  1. Maddie Seidel 07/22/11 at 9:12 am #

    I wish thee luck, good sir.

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