Allow me to clarify the previous post about an all-vinegar easter basket I received earlier this year.

It contained bottled WHITE and APPLE CIDER vinegar in multiple sizes. Two 1 Gallon Jugs of each flavor, three 1 Liter Bottles of White, a 28oz Tall Boy of Wyoming Red APPLE CIDER vinegar and one 6 pack of lunch-sized Vinegar Shots.

Ignoring the physician’s warning label I consumed all of the above in one sitting.

I have since gone legally blind and lost the use of my left hand during the morning hours. For this privilege I paid a German firm 300 euros to prepare the basket and send a lackey dressed as a German Easter Bunny into my room during the pre-dawn hours to deliver it while I slept. I paid extra to receive a kiss on the forehead prior to the delivery boy’s exit, just as one would get from the real Easter Rabbit. His retirement has been hard on all of us.

The Easter Bunny’s retirement, I mean.


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