Florida couple Maureen and Warren Nyerges took their revenge on Bank of America after the bank mistakenly tried to foreclose on their home: They showed up at the bank with moving trucks and deputies, ready to seize the bank’s property, WinkNews reported.

The Nyerges paid for their house in cash and never had a mortgage, but Bank of America, which owned the house, made a mistake and began foreclosing on their home. The Nyerges fought in court for a year and a half before the foreclosure suit was dropped. Five months after the suit, Bank of America still has not coughed up the $2,534 in legal fees the judge ordered the bank to reimbuse the Nyerges for.

The Nyerges’ attorney, Todd Allen, showed up at the bank, along with moving trucks and deputies, demanding that they be allowed to seize property to pay off the debt the bank owed to the Nyerges.

“Having two Sheriff’s deputies sitting across your desk, and a lawyer standing behind them, demanding whatever assets are in the bank can be intimidating,” said Allen. “But, so is having your home foreclosed on when it wasn’t right.”

After an hour-long standoff, the bank cut the Nyerges a check. Allen called the turned-tables situation “sweet justice.”



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