What do you make of a population that chooses to shoot itself in the head at every critical juncture over the last 30 years, then has the audacity to complain about their predicament? Stupid white suburbanites have dedicated themselves to the wholesale dismantlement of a Major American city – in the name of progress, no less! – for the entirety of their adult lives. Across all political parties and backgrounds, decisions were made about land use, mass transit, guided by paranoia, greed, gluttony and hatred. And then they turn around and are shocked to discover they are regarded as a joke by the rest of the world.

The response? Local radio gives us self-righteous racist shitheads bragging, once again, that they aren’t responsible for anything or anyone outside their own immediate appetites but that the mess remains the responsibility of those with the least power.

Then we have an entrepreneur governor who’s capitalizing on this mess by vacuuming up the remaining crumbs of power and resources for his corporate overlords. And he’s supported by legions of working class dolts who think a bullet to the head is a steak dinner.

And I sit here, staring at a Still-Decorated Christmas Tree that’s just begging to be put away.

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