What is it about Marine Life that enchants us so? The Whales and Shrimp and Penguins and Porpoises and Seals and Walruses and Star Fish and so on and so forth. What is it about them that makes men spends endless hours whittling away in their workshops on full life-size mechanical recreations – the kind that you have to wind up or get a neighbor to wind while you’re away – of these creatures so that we might be nearer to them without threat of losing an arm?

Is it the cold, sure certainty of their starless-night dark eyes? The way they’re slippery without being slimy (unlike those horrible cave-dwelling albino rats)?

Is it their mastery of latin dance?

Whatever it is about these doleful, simple animals that keeps us returning to the shore year after year, their ability to guide, to inspire and to guide remains unmatched in the animal kingdom.

Chris Weagel

Chris Weagel writes about the intersection of technology and parenting for Wired Magazine. No he doesn't. He can't stand that shit.

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