Tommy Foster with a 50 Cent cover by way of Johnny Cash.

Chris Weagel

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  • The reason why there aren’t many comments on this one, is because it’s really, really, really good. Foster is leaving people speechless. Both of these have been great, and I fear that might be it for his appearance on HD for a while. I do hope there is more.

  • yeah that guy rocks… he has some real skill both on the guitar and the fast talkin… love genre covers of rap songs.. in conclusion, way to go

  • There was this album out a few years ago called Kingtinued, where an Elvis impersonator covered songs that were written after Elvis was already dead. Because he couldn’t (and probably never would’ve) recorded La Vida Loca and Achy Breaky Heart. I propose “Cashtinued” or maybe “Cashing In” (or “Cashing Out”) in a similar attempt to make some money.

  • Anyway you look at it or listen to it, it’s entertainment!
    Saw Tommy sing this live……a blast in any corner and more fun than any other candy shoppe I have ever visited.
    Thanks Tommy!

  • That was pretty neat!!!! Miss Sheral is clapping her hands right now. Very good singing and playing the guitar.

    Much enjoyable. Can we have another???