A visit with Jon Yono at the Ship n Shore Liquour Store, St Clair Shores, Michigan.

This man’s name is Jon Yono. He works at the Ship n’ Shore Liquor Store here in St Clair Shores.

You may remember him from Lab Entry #045 back in October 2004.

In this first section, a short exploration of the Ship n’ Shore.

Chris Weagel

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  • In the first shot of Yono, I realized two things.
    1. how important it is to see a full body image of a person, compared to just seeing a head shot.
    2. how key shooting on a tripod is…not all of the time, but for certain shots. That first shot would not be the same if you handheld it. I also realized this the other night, when I whipped out the fluid head tripod to shoot some stuff. I don’t travel overseas with it because it’s a monster, but my stuff is lacking because I don’t use it often. There is something to be said about shooting guerrilla, but also something to be said for using a tripod and lavaliers.

  • This gets a big nod and a round of stand-ovation-like applause from the Faux Press. Bravo. Well done for so many reasons, not least of which the opening shot, introducing us to the subject of your documentary.

    My pal’s got a shitload of PZM mics for sale, by the way. Let me see if I can’t get you some stills. 🙂

  • So many good reasons to drink. Pain and celebration are my two favorites. Just have to know remember to keep yourself in check. Papa said “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

  • Love the whole damn thing Chris. Short story about mister Yono. Back in high school he took a picture of me while I was standing in the lunch line one day.I was a sophmore and I did not know him at the time for he was a grade or two ahead of me but I did not think anything of it….about a week or so later he came too me exclaiming as he showed me the pic of me that he now was the owner of my soul. Scary part is…he probably still has that picture along with many others hanging on the wall in the back of the ship and shore..but I can say in all honesy that I would not want my soul being cared for by anyone else. Thank you Jon…shine on you crazy diamond…shine on.

  • 1. money work.
    2. totally agree with nelson.
    3. happened to have some cnn clip playing in the background, some news blah blah, however…it didn’t get in the way with your piece, a bit of background noise seemed to bring even a more powerful color into this one…

  • Jon Yono used to call me Neo in high school because I guess I may sometimes look like Keanu Reeves.
    My car broke down in the Ship and Shore parking lot one summer. It sucked. Antifreeze spraying everywhere.
    Nice work, Chris. I like seeing a “Part 1” because the series’ are where some of my favorite human-dog magic happens.

  • I want to shave off one of his eyebrows and glue crunched up “bac-n-chips” into position, as a replacement. It will enhance my pessimism.