Haberek Cont'd.

The story about the valedictorians is true. My apologies for the shaky audio.

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  • I thought a teacher’s job was to pump out good American consumers…
    Not only are there 14 Valedic’s but I imagine their GPA’s are above 4.0, which similarly blows the mind.
    In my time at LHS, their was a strict ban on ‘Senior Pranks”. Supposedly an earlier class had dropped live chickens, rats, squirrels, etc. into the halls and students had stomped and kicked many of the animals to death. Nice, eh?

  • That reminds me of my local access center’s annual awards ceremony. The number of awards given out nearly matches the number of submissions received. Awards range from “Most Interesting Studio Program” to “Field Production with the Most Overall Impact”, with multiple winners in some categories, plus certificates for up-and-comers and honerable mentions. And that’s just for public access, not including the municipal and educational access awards…

  • I have spent the past two weeks watching Haberek. It is one of the most poignant portraits of a reasonable man trying to make sense of an unreasonable environment. Brilliant. It has the quiet angst of a Radiohead song.

  • His perspective is so honest, it makes me feel quite helpless on his behalf. To struggle against apathetic students and administrators must be crushing. Good piece.

  • chris
    i’ve really been enjoying these videos too. we featured 3 of them in our anthology show and it was nice to have a trilogy that strung together. is strung a word? really nice work.

  • Again, because we have pampered an entire generation, they continue to look for handouts, they continue to think that hard work is just for other people. Where hollywood is the end all be all. Maybe not, but whatever the american idol, it drags so many down, in a world of just getting by, just making ends meet, living from paycheck to paycheck. All of this, for what, so we can enjoy things everyone else is wasting their life on?