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Gonna buy a railroad in the morning and ride it all the way to the ocean. When I get there I will sit down and confess everything to the one-eared creatures in the tide pools.
You’re not invited.

Hard Facts Candies

Hard Facts Candies cover the full spectrum. The red ones taste like mortality. The blue taste like long Comcast branch office lobby waiting lines.
Green tastes like the necessity of renewing your real estate license because the novel still hasn’t sold.

Perhaps You Know

The Mormons have spent the last 30 years building an enormous, life-sized Chutes and Ladders game. They don’t allow outsiders near it. Their reasons remain unclear.


God made the tambourine for us to enjoy and so that we may spread that joy to others.
The tempo will be kept in such a way as to not anger or displease the majority of man. It shall be kept with flat little bells arranged in a ring.
Not in a row. In an eternal ring.