DV Blog – March 2008
Human Dog as one of the first videoblogs and has been closed down since early 2007. Luckily, all of the media remains online (so far). One of the best things about the entire series of videos (and the various serials therein) was creator Chris Weagel’s ability to tease out the absurdity of everyday life without hitting the audience over the head with his message. Video that was made specifically to live online, this is some of the best work ever produced in videoblog format.

Wired Magazine May 2006
Of Human Dog’s four stars, Jon VanTorre is the funniest. In his most entertaining bit,
he gets a celebrity roast that would do Dean Martin proud.

Vloggies, My Judges’ Pick
The Human Dog crew has been a consistent force in the vlogosphere for as long as there’s been such a thing. Human Dog has produced comedy that’s actually funny, satire that has actual bite and documentaries that actually move you. But most importantly Human Dog has succeeded in recreating video for online life.

United Vloggers
Human Dog produces a steady stream of consciousness, forming an incredible vault of video. Be it through the LABORATORY, where the professor fires cracking memos, or with the documentary series AMERICAN KING, portraying the raw live of Garret Lambert, diabetic and completing probation for pilfering. We appreciate his style, his talent, his perseverance & his anger.

Let a Million Videos Bloom Online

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HD LAB ENTRY #040: 23 Skidoo

Pixelodeon 2007: Unreal Tournament
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